Our members

Individuals can join Townsville Community Legal Service Inc as Ordinary Members of the Association and have rights, including voting rights.

Organisations can join as Associate Members but do not have voting rights.

If you would like to become a member of the Townsville Community Legal Service Inc, please download, complete and return our membership application form. Memberships are now free and are renewable annually.

Townsville Community Legal Service membership application form
Townsville Community Legal Service Rules - Including amendments adopted 20 November 2017

Life members

Under our Association's Rules, life membership can be granted to any individual who has performed conspicuous service to the Townsville Community Legal Service.

Life membership has been awarded as follows:

2001 Don Armit
2001 Peter Bevan
2004 Grant Riethmuller
2007 Ken Taylor
2007 Jayne Finlay
2007 Margaret Chambers
2009 Lucia Taylor
2009 Chris Mills
2009 Kerri Fretwell
2009 Byron Leong
2011 Virginia Hall
2011 Warren Rowles
2011 Jill Roberts
2011 Angela Fortt
2012 Melody Cornish
2013 Arthur Schulz
2016 Anne Lewis