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Townsville Community Legal Service offers services that are readily accessible, informal and available to all members of the community.

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To enable the Townsville community to develop an awareness of the legal system, its processes and legal rights using a holistic approach and a combination of advice, community education and law reform.

Our valuesBack to top

To deliver quality services to the Townsville community which respects differences and diversity and aims to understand the social, economic and environmental experience of each individual.

Our missionBack to top

To provide high quality, free and accessible legal services to the Townsville community and to address inequality within the law and society.

Our objectivesBack to top

To provide a free and accessible legal service;
To seek legal and social change;
To address inequalities in law and society;
To promote legal education;
To provide crisis counselling and support and/or referral to appropriate agencies;
To create an area in which the social welfare aspects of clients' lives are recognised; and
To encourage community participation in the delivery of the legal services it provides.

These objectives are enshrined in the Townsville Community Legal Service Rules and form the basis for the services we offer.

Townsville Community Legal Service Rules - Townsville Community Legal Service Rules adopted on 30 September 2016

Our policiesBack to top

Like all organisations, Townsville Community Legal Service has a range of written policies and procedures that guide our services and the way they are delivered.

These policies are generally available to the public on request.

Our casework guidelinesBack to top

We provide services under funding arrangements with state and federal governments.

These funding arrangements require Townsville Community Legal Service to target our limited resources to certain areas of work.

Our service guidelines set out the types of work that we undertake.